Tuesday, December 12, 2017

End Of Year Travelwise Celebration

At the end of the year, the travelwise team travelled into the city to celebrate all their hard work this year keeping our students safe on the roads and encouraging sustainable to travel.
Well done to all the travelwise team on your hard work!

Monday, September 25, 2017

Travelwise Winners!

Our walk to school winners!
Well done Eddie and Tamara for walking to school and collecting leaves for our travelwise tree.
They won a new school bag with a drink bottle, notebook, pens, pencils, rubber, sharpener, colouring pencils, and of course some lollies.

Our poets for the term:
1st Place: Teresa
2nd Place: Savana
3rd Place: Delisha

We have some very clever poets at our school:
Travelwise poem
Travel to school so you won’t drool
And please try to carpool
Even though it can be tough luckily the road is rough.

Your parents might say ‘’NO NO NO” and don’t let them delay.
Just walk to school so you can play and never feel ashamed.

You can bike you can walk but don’t stop and talk.
Then you may play with chalk and maybe draw a kitchen fork.

By Savana

Coming to school is not that hard it is as easy as reading a jumbo card,
You dont have to be flash and drive in a car, you can simply just walk if your not that far. You can also take a car, a bike or train but be careful if it starts to rain.

Tell your parents to not park on the yellow lines, unless they want to pay some fines.

Do take my advice and your life will be nice! Have fun and walk to school!
By Teresa

Tell your parents to drive safely around kids Remember to put on your seatbelts Always stay at the speed limit Visible cars are best to drive with

Everybody is cool if you walk to school
Look before you cross there might be a car zooming by.
Walk to school!
It's good to walk to school for exercise
Stop, look and listen before you cross the road
Everyone should be safe on the road.

By Delisha

Monday, August 28, 2017

Travelwise Tree

For the next two weeks, the travel-wise team will be promoting WALK TO SCHOOL!
If you want a chance to win a new school bag and a new drink bottle make sure you walk to school every day and collect a leaf of your teacher.
The travel wise team will collect your leaf and add it to our tree.
Check out our tree on day one:

Monday, June 19, 2017

Travel wise Assembly

Well done to all our prize winner on your awesome poster entries.
Also thank you to Smart Fox for the awesome prizes!

Each child who won received a Lunch box, drink bottle, and new cap.
Also well done to Golan Taimerua who won our walk to school challenge and won a brand new 
school bag filled with goodies.


Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Slow Down Around schools

This morning 8 students, 5 police and two travelwise community workers went out on Frielanders road to remind our community that they need to slow down when they pass our school.

With a heavy fog this morning we were not able to use the police speed guns, but the police were able to use their car radars to record the speeds of cars coming towards our crossings.

We had a simple message for parents who were going slow around our school a clever designed postcard and a travelwise pen

For parents who were going to fast our message was simple- Please slow down so we can keep our kids safe!
The speed limit is 50 km, so stay under the limit!

Thanks for having a positive attitude and keeping the speed down. Only two cars received a ticket this morning (Going 62kms!!!) Everyone else was so friendly and open to our students talking to them about their safety message!

Keep our kids safe, slow down around our schools.

You can see the thick fog we had to deal with this morning, surprisingly people were still speeding!

Mikaere is sitting in the back sit (Nice and warm) recording the speeds of all the cars going past.

Our friendly police were also out giving warnings to cars to have lights on during the fog.

After the police approached the car and asked if it was okay, the students approached them with their messages, either a thumbs up for good driving, or a thumbs down for going to fast.


End Of Year Travelwise Celebration

At the end of the year, the travelwise team travelled into the city to celebrate all their hard work this year keeping our students safe on...