Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Slow down around school Campaign

We are back into another full on term!
And we want to remind all road users in our community to


The travelwise leaders and team were out extra early this week holding up their signs to remind all drivers to slow down around our school!

We want to make sure all our tamariki get to school safely and appreciate the overwhelming support we received from the public.

We recorded all the responses from people who went past and waved, nodded, tooted, and smiled at us as we stood in the freezing cold on Tuesday and Wednesday this week holding our signs.
On Tuesday we had a total of 84 people respond to our signs, and on Wednesday we had 133 people.

We had members of the community come and congratulate the kids on there awesome message and had people calling into the school to say well done for being out there and reminding the public.

Here are some photos of us out on the road:

1 comment:

  1. Looking good out there with your posters encouraging everyone to take greater care around the roads. Well done to you all from us in room 12.


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