Monday, September 25, 2017

Travelwise Winners!

Our walk to school winners!
Well done Eddie and Tamara for walking to school and collecting leaves for our travelwise tree.
They won a new school bag with a drink bottle, notebook, pens, pencils, rubber, sharpener, colouring pencils, and of course some lollies.

Our poets for the term:
1st Place: Teresa
2nd Place: Savana
3rd Place: Delisha

We have some very clever poets at our school:
Travelwise poem
Travel to school so you won’t drool
And please try to carpool
Even though it can be tough luckily the road is rough.

Your parents might say ‘’NO NO NO” and don’t let them delay.
Just walk to school so you can play and never feel ashamed.

You can bike you can walk but don’t stop and talk.
Then you may play with chalk and maybe draw a kitchen fork.

By Savana

Coming to school is not that hard it is as easy as reading a jumbo card,
You dont have to be flash and drive in a car, you can simply just walk if your not that far. You can also take a car, a bike or train but be careful if it starts to rain.

Tell your parents to not park on the yellow lines, unless they want to pay some fines.

Do take my advice and your life will be nice! Have fun and walk to school!
By Teresa

Tell your parents to drive safely around kids Remember to put on your seatbelts Always stay at the speed limit Visible cars are best to drive with

Everybody is cool if you walk to school
Look before you cross there might be a car zooming by.
Walk to school!
It's good to walk to school for exercise
Stop, look and listen before you cross the road
Everyone should be safe on the road.

By Delisha

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